5 Reasons to Recycle Your Medical eWaste Today!

5 Reasons to Recycle Your Medical eWaste Today!

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The old-school approach to disposing the old, obsolete equipment that you won’t need any more in your business, is to just scrap it. The same goes for the medical e-waste. It seems like the logical solution, and it makes sense. You don’t need something any more, you throw it away. But there are drawbacks as to this solution. As it turns out, this method can not only be detrimental towards your finances, but it can ruin the environment as well, being that a big part of the medical e-waste is hazardous for the environment.

But there’s an additional way in which to treat old equipment and e-waste. This new way is called recycling, and is the new rage in corporate America. And with good reason – there are several reasons why you would want to recycle your medical e-waste instead of just plainly throwing it away. Below you’ll find the benefits of recycling the medical e-waste that you may have.

  1. The recycling of medical waste reduces the consumption of raw material. It also reduces the volume of waste materials that need to be disposed of at a site. This in turn means that there will be lower need of burning the medical waste, a process which produces pollutants in the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide. The burning of fossil fuels and the emission of greenhouse gasses is really detrimental for the environment and the earth’s atmosphere. So, recycling is a great way in which you can protect the environment.
  2. Not only can you reduce the pollutants in the environment, but with adopting the practice of recycling medical e-waste you can save money. It’s been estimated that the industry of health care could save up anywhere between 4 and 7 billion dollars if they adopt the recycling practice. Recycling centers pay handsome money to the hospitals that sell to them the medical e-waste that can be reused.
  3. An additional way to save money with recycling is through the discard of the necessity of a landfill site. It’s estimated that hospitals collectively spend 10 billion dollars annually for the services of a landfill site. This can be completely eliminated if you start recycling your medical e-waste now.
  4. If you recycle the medical e-waste, society will have less of a need to extract and process additional raw materials from the Earth, and this will effectively diminish the strain on nature that is caused by the unprecedented growth of human technology.
  5. There’s additional sinister potential effect of not recycling. It’s connected to suicide. That’s right, if you have stored medical waste in the form of drugs that you won’t need to use, at your house, then one day a person you know might use these drugs to try to kill himself. Suicide with medical drug overdose is really common, and recycling of said medical waste will help diminish the rate of suicides.

There you go, these are only five reasons why you should recycle your medical e-waste today. There are many others as well, so we recommend that you start the practice today, so that you and society can experience the full benefit of recycling.

In addition to the reduction of pollutants in the environments, hospitals can save a significant sum of money with recycling and re-using. “Health care facilities could save the industry between $4 billion and $7 billion by adopting greener practices” (Howell, 2011).  By recycling medical waste hospitals save $5.4 billion in five years and up to $15 billion in 10 years. Those money come from the recycling centers that treat the medical waste properly and then sell it for only 40 to 60 percent of the original price. Also, those recycling companies pay money to those hospitals who provide them with medical waste that can be sterilized and re-used.