Be Environmentally Friendly with an E-waste Pickup Call

Be Environmentally Friendly with an E-waste Pickup Call

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Various electronics with a green recycle logo overlayIn the past few years, recycling of electronic items (e-waste) has become one of the sectors in the industry that is growing with the fastest rate. E-waste recycling is a term used to describe the process of separation of useful parts from electronic devices and equipment for reuse and destruction of parts that cannot be processed and reused. In other words, with the help of this process both households and businesses are reducing the amount of electronic waste and preserving our nature. This is something really important given the fact that the pollution in the past three decades has significantly damaged the ozone layer.

In case electronic equipment and devices are disposed just like any other type of garbage, the dangerous substances that they contain can be released in the environment and ultimately affect our health. Now let’s check how this environmentally friendly option can help save the earth and bring few other benefits.

What exactly is e-waste recycling?

Although electronic devices don’t have shelf life and they can be used for years and even decades, the fact is that the rapid advance in technology makes most of the electronic equipment we have obsolete after few years. This means that our devices need to be thrown away because they only take our space. This is the moment when they become ready for recycling. It is good to point out that e-waste recycling is much more complex compared to other types of recycling (recycling of plastics for example). The typical procedure designed for electronic waste recycling includes collection, sorting and dismantling. In the end there were be plenty of parts that won’t be processed because they can be reused.

Just think about it. In case you have an old computer that doesn’t meet modern standards this doesn’t mean that the computer is completely useless. There are many parts in it that are still working and they have great value. If they are extracted in the right way they can be used in other machines. Since most of these parts need to be handled carefully it is better to leave this task to a professional team. After all, there are some parts that are toxic and poisonous which means that you can easily endanger your health.

Finding the right recycling company

Because of the improved technology in this area, the number of recycling companies offering their services is constantly growing. If you want to choose the right recycling company you must take a closer look at their environmental certificates and how they handle the waste. You should also look for a company offering pickup option.

Proper handling of parts that cannot be reused

According to some stats, about 90% of the parts found in electronic devices can be recycled. However, even those 10% can cause serious problems to the environment if they are not handled properly. They should not be treated as regular waste or garbage which means that they cannot be left in landfills. Professional companies know how to store this remaining waste in a secure way.