Certified Data Destruction in Los Angeles

Certified Data Destruction in Los Angeles

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Certified data destruction and disposal is a serious topic that requires the attention of every business owner, especially those who live in a city like Los Angeles and produce a large amount of e-waste, like lab and medical facilities. Many business owners toss their hard drives and other forms of data out with their e-waste recycling and disposal not realizing their sensitive information is still accessible. Businesses, Labs, and medical facilities invest in security software solutions not realizing their biggest vulnerability is data found in old systems left for e-waste recycling and disposal. Even if you think your data is not that important, there are people who can find ways to exploit anything you give them even in your recycling, especially if you are a lab or medical facility.

A city like Los Angeles can be highly competitive, which means a surprisingly high number of people could make use of unsecure data in your e-waste recycling and medical lab disposal. Whether it’s hackers or others trying to find data to exploit and make profit off your company or competitors who are looking to get an edge with insider information in your lab or medical building, all businesses need to be more aware of what they do with their e-waste recycling or medical lab disposal. All kinds of information could leak out from e-waste recycling that could even get you into legal trouble, especially for medical and lab facilities so make sure you inquire about certified data destruction when getting rid of your e-waste recycling or when doing medical lab disposal.

A surprisingly high amount of businesses think that once they dump their e-waste recycling or drop off lab medical disposal that they do not have to worry about old computers being accessed somewhere else but that is definitely not the case. Not only do you have to take it to a reputable e-waste recycling and disposal facility, they must also have certified data destruction services. Even manually deleting the files is not enough, a hacker would be able to recover all kinds of information unless you have done thorough and certified data destruction at your e-waste recycling and medical lab disposal facility.

If you are just a normal business owner getting rid of some e-waste recycling, you would be fine with just your basic wipe disposal. On the other hand, if you are a lab or medical facility, you might want to be extra safe and use disposal methods used by the US government. Either way, all business owners with e-waste recycling or medical lab disposal need to think about what kind of data they are giving away when they are not using certified data destruction services. Lab and medical facilities especially need to make sure they know information they want gone is actually gone.

I Global Asset Management understands the important of proper IT security and advocates e-waste recycling and medical lab disposal with certified data destruction. We prioritize security and environmental safety when offering e-waste recycling and lab medical disposal services. We offer robust end-to-end hard drive shredding and destruction cycle to ensure the highest level of compliance and care for your e-waste recycling and medical lab disposal. Take a harder look at your e-waste and what you are doing with it before it goes into the wrong hands.