Dell Mail-back Recycling Program

Dell Mail-back Recycling Program

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dellrecycleDell Inc. or simply Dell is one of the most successful American computer tech companies. They are focused on developing, selling and repairing computers and provide support to computer owners and owners of related products. They exist for more than 30 years now and it is quite natural that over the years their offer was expanded. For instance, besides PCs, Dell also sells network switches, data storage, servers, HDTVs, computer peripherals, software, MP3 players, printers, scanners, cameras and other electronic devices and equipment. As we all know, it is quite difficult to remain on the top when you are working in an industry that is constantly growing and changing and computer technology is definitely one of them. One of the reasons why Dell is still among the top companies in this field is the fact that they are investing in innovations. They introduce dozens of new models of computers and similar devices and equipment every year. However, their innovations raise one issue – what happens to the old equipment? According to Dell and many experts, recycling is the only reasonable option for used electronics. That’s why they have decided to start a special Dell mail-back recycling program.


As the name suggests, the main goal of the Dell Mail-back Recycling program is to encourage people to recycle their computers and computer equipment with the help of their simple mail-back program.

Dell has designed this program to make recycling easy and convenient for their users and for this reason they have become partners with FedEx which as we all know is the leading courier service in the world. The Dell mail-back recycling program allows people and organizations to recycle their obsolete equipment in a responsible way and prevent the typical cluttering found in modern garages, closets and attics. In addition, they also want to prevent the expansion of landfills which seems to be a huge problem these days. The best part of this program is that you can do all of this without leaving the comfort of your home.

Dell will pick up the Dell product you have for free regardless of your location with the help of FedEx Package Return program. If you want to recycle your unwanted equipment with their help you will have to make few steps. To start with, you’ll have to delete the data and files from the hard drive. After that, you’ll have to write down the identification number or service tag located on the outer part of the equipment. Next, you must fill the online waybill form and print the unique shipping label. The next step is to package the item and place the label on it. Finally, you will need to leave the package at your local FedEx facility or call FedEx and schedule a pickup from your home/office.

In case you have bought a brand new Dell product, Dell will pick up your old computer even if it isn’t produced by Dell. In the end, Dell also provides free cartridge recycling.