Dell Takes Initiative to Make First Computer from Recycled Electronics

Dell Takes Initiative to Make First Computer from Recycled Electronics

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Not while ago, Dell has revealed that they have started working on the first computer made from recycled electronics. To be more precise, their main goal is to make a computer based on plastic elements recycled from old computers and other electronic devices. This is not a surprise for many people who are familiar with the latest trends in the field of recycling. As a responsible company, Dell is trying to maintain its image of a company that cares about the community and recycling is definitely one way to emphasize this.

Back in 2014, this successful tech company started gathering waste and unused materials from old computers used by their customers in the past. Their main objective was to use these materials in order to create brand new products. This is definitely good news for Mother Nature because tech companies and their new products that seem to be introduced daily have increased the demand for natural resources that can’t be created again. In other words, the planet is suffering from this rapid extraction of materials and the process of their adaptation to be used in new products increases the level of pollution too.

Today, Dell is making some of the smartest moves in their history – they are focusing on recycling. Recycling is a process that restores waste materials and makes them usable again. In this case, Dell is using recycled plastic to create new items. They are trying to minimize the damage caused by electronic waste in the last decade and at the same time they are showing the world their innovative potential.

The management of Dell has revealed their so-called legacy of good program which will help this tech titan reduce waste, come up with environmental friendly products and encourage stakeholders to take more care about the environment. According to this plan and strategy, Dell should use more than 22.7 million kg or 50 million pounds of processed, recycled plastics and other similar materials that can be recycled in the next 5 years. They are also working on the design of completely recyclable or at least compostable packaging and get back more than 2 billion pounds of e-waste (electronic waste).

About two years ago, Dell managed to source nearly 5 million kg of recycled plastic in order to create new desktop computers and monitors. Dell also started gathering recyclable materials from their clients’ old and unused computers that can be used in brand new products.

Individuals in more than 80 countries in different parts of the world are using this opportunity to get something for free from this program and according to the officials at Dell, their customers left nearly 600 million kilos of electronic waste at different locations. Dell has already started using these materials in their so-called OptiPlex 3030 desktop computer. If we take a close look at the advantages of recycling we will see that it is no surprise why Dell takes initiative to make first Computer from Recycled Electronics.