Dispose of Electronic Medical Waste in Orange County!

Dispose of Electronic Medical Waste in Orange County!

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With a population of over three million people, it is quite natural that Orange County has a complex medical system. There are currently more than two dozen hospitals and medical centers and even more similar medical facilities across Orange County. These medical facilities are helping dozens of people every day. But, during these treatments and other medical activities they are also generating a large amount of waste. In this article, we will focus on electronic medical waste in Orange County.

While it is true that electronic medical waste is not something that medical facilities are creating on a daily basis, the amount of this type of waste is increasing every year and this is the reason why local authorities and environmental groups are concerned. In the last few years, several laws and regulations were introduced in order to regulate the proper disposal of electronic medical waste in Orange County.

In case you want to dispose of electronic medical waste in Orange County then you must follow these laws. What is obvious is that you cannot dispose of and eliminate this specific kind of waste in an ordinary way. This is unacceptable because of the specific composition of this waste. Namely, electronic medical waste contains different components and many of them are dangerous to the environment and ultimately to people’s health.

Even the smallest electronic medical device contains elements like lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, arsenic, and other similar toxic elements. These elements are perfectly safe for people when the device or piece of equipment they are using is in a good condition and working properly in a controlled environment. But, when they are left unused in an unsuitable place lake a landfill where they are exposed to moisture, water, heat and other weather elements, these elements become unstable and gradually release fumes or leaks polluting the water and soil and air around them. Some of the negative consequences that they produce are very difficult to eliminate. In some cases, it takes decades for the area to get cleaned.

At the same time, it is good to mention that the same electronic medical devices and equipment are made of many useful materials like copper, silver, gold and palladium. Through the process of recycling, all these useful elements can be extracted and recycled making them suitable for reuse. We don’t have to talk much about how useful this procedure is.

If you want to Dispose of Electronic Medical Waste in Orange County then you should definitely look for a good recycler. Don’t forget that there are dozens of them that operate in this area, but some of them are much better than the others. Generally speaking, you should stick to professional recycling companies that have trained staff, sophisticated recycling machines and methods, licenses and certificates and professional staff. Some of them are prepared to pick up your electronic medical waste for free so don’t miss this chance to get rid of the waste without paying a dime.