Easy Lab Recycling Pickup Services from I Global!

Easy Lab Recycling Pickup Services from I Global!

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If you perform research, you will notice that there are many books and articles dedicated to recycling and most of them agree that recycling is a process that brings numerous benefits. So, it is no wonder why there are so many recycling service providers out there offering their services to any individual or organization that is eco-aware. Even though, in the past, people didn’t think much about laboratory equipment and items disposal. They simply used their regular bins and throw the waste like communal waste. However, things are changed now and lab waste requires special attention. If you want to be a responsible laboratory, you need to find a good recycling company.

I Global has established itself as one of the leaders in this specific type of recycling although this company provides a few different types of recycling services too. One of the things that make I Global stand out from the crowd of recycling companies is the lab recycling pickup service.

The Easy Lab Recycling Pickup Services from I Global have already attracted dozens of laboratories in this area. Unlike other companies that ask for significant amounts of money for this service, I Global does this for free.

The process begins by setting the terms. The lab management must choose the frequency of this activity in coordination with I Global experts. Usually labs need these services once a week or once a month. After that, I Global provides advice about how to properly collect and store recyclable lab equipment and devices. Next, the lab and I Global will select a spot where their professionals will come and pickup the unwanted items. There are cases when some of the lab equipment can be donated, but you should not worry about that because I Global will arrange those donations too. In other words, the lab’s obligations end when they leave the unwanted staff at the designated point. It is also worth mentioning that I Global has a fleet of vehicles equipped and adjusted for this type of activity. This is quite logical because we are talking about a serious and professional service provider.

While we are talking about Easy Lab Recycling Pickup Services from I Global, we should mention that they can pick up just the lab equipment found on their list. Some of the items on this list include mass spectrometers, moisture analyzers, HPLC pumps and systems, frame cameras, flow cytometers, microarray scanners, molecular images, hybridization ovens, thermal cyclers, blood cell analyzers, X-ray analytical, embedding centers, DNA sequencers and optical detectors. As you can see, this is standard lab equipment which means that I Global should be able to meet all your recycling needs.

In addition, I Global doesn’t pickup hazardous equipment while the cleaning and vacuum pieces of equipment must be cleared of all debris before the procedure begins. The same goes for the machinery used in labs that relies on oil or fuel.

I Global provides top notch lab recycling pickup services that you should definitely try.