Electronic Media Destruction Process

Electronic Media Destruction Process

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We live in a time of electronic media. As per the official definition, electronic media is the electronically generated storage, used in the process of recording information. This includes, among other things, magnetic tapes, video tapes, compact disks, hard disks, audio tapes, removable storage such as zip and floppy discs, and other electronics.

So, being that electronic media consist of electronics that store and record information, one day you may find that you’re in need of the destruction of said electronic media. Perhaps the electronic media that you want destroyed has become obsolete, or perhaps it stores certain critical information that you wish to destroy so that no one can find them out. These are all legitimate purposes why someone would want to get rid of their electronic media equipment, and as you know, simply throwing this stuff in a trash can, won’t cut it.

So, you will definitely want to use the services of a company that specializes in the destruction of electronic media. There are several companies that deal with this, and you’ll easily be able to find one if you’re in need of their services.

The first process with which you can destroy the electronic media, is through something that’s called degaussing. The process of degaussing changes the magnetic properties of the media surface, and thus the magnetic media becomes now unreadable. This means that whatever was stored on this electronic medium that you have sent for degaussing, will now be permanently destroyed and irretrievable. The process of degaussing is available for hard drives, as well as some other kinds of removable electronic media, perhaps digital tapes, or backup tapes.

And then we have the old-school way of destroying the electronic media, and this is through crushing, or punching. This is to be done by the force applied by hydraulically-loaded machines whose purpose is to crush the device in question. The force that this crushing device wields is to be measured along the lines of 12,000 pounds. As you may imagine, this is a huge force, and one that will obliterate any electronic media that you wish to destroy. The machine will strike the electronic medium with a devastating force, and the impact will be catastrophic for the device. No one will ever be able to make the device come back to life again, and much less be able to retrieve the information that was once stored there.

After this process, you will receive a note of certification from the company that destroyed the electronic media for you, and this certification is a guarantee that the process was completed and all the data has been wiped out, and all the media has been destroyed, in a safe environment, so that no one will ever know of the existence of the device. This process is handy if you have any old equipment that you don’t have any space to store, so you may give it to the electronic media destruction companies so that they may deal with it appropriately.

This concludes a few of the most important ways and phases of the electronic media destruction process.