How to Efficiently Recycle and Dispose of Electronic Medical and Lab Equipment

How to Efficiently Recycle and Dispose of Electronic Medical and Lab Equipment

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When choosing the disposal or recycling of medical, lab or e-waste, ask yourself 3 simple questions before making your choice.

  1. Does the company I’m choosing specialize in recycling this equipment (Medical, Lab or E-waste)?
  2. Does the company have a No Land-Fill Policy for the disposal and recycling of your medical, Lab or e-Waste?
  3. Does the company help you in a timely fashion in the disposal of your medical, lab or e-waste recycling?


A Doctor has the choice of disposal and recycling when removing his e-waste or medical equipment. When it comes to the disposal of lab or medical e-waste the doctor calls a specialist like us for disposal since we specialize in recycling lab and medical e-waste.

Medical and Lab equipment come from a variety of places, such as hospitals, labs, private practices, Dermatologists or even one’s homes. Often Doctors, Lab Technicians and home care takers have the make the tough choice of recycling this lab equipment every day.

When a person thinks of recycling it typically involves cans, bottles and metals. But Recycling involves Medical equipment e-waste or lab equipment e-waste ; The choice can be hard to find without looking. When dumping this medical or lab equipment it is non-biodegradable and horrible for our environment. There does exist a safe, eco-friendly alternative for dropping off your e-waste. This can make your carbon foot print much smaller and know that your choice made a difference in the world by not throwing away your e-waste.

Recycling Centers are everywhere and it is a booming industry, but will they take your IV pump that was used to deliver your husband or daughters’ medication? Will a Recycling center take your out dated lab equipment? The answer is no and that is why companies like us exist. The most effective way to have your lab or medical equipment is to drop it off at a specialist. Here at i Global Asset Management I was able to find this place. Disposing my e-waste was quick, easy and friendly. Someone who is looking for the disposal of this type of e-waste lab or medical equipment can call to schedule a drop and most labs and qualify for a free pick up. When trashing your e-waste, medical equipment or lab equipment that equipment goes into a landfill never to be seen or heard from again. This is improper disposal and the most harmful to the environment.

In conclusion, our problem starts with us and becomes our children’s problem. Our goal as a company is to create a better world by making the disposal of medical, lab or e-waste as simple as possible and eco-friendly as possible. I Global Asset management will take all medical and lab e-waste and dispose of it for you using the most advanced techniques of recycling in the industry. Make the right choice when choosing your medical and lab e-waste for disposal. Make sure it meets the 3 criteria above and you’ll discover a pleasant experience.

Our future depends on it.