How to Recycle Non-Functioning Medical Equipment

How to Recycle Non-Functioning Medical Equipment

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Medical equipment is one of the most important elements of every medical facility today, be it a hospital, a clinic, a medical laboratory or another type of healthcare facility. Even the best doctors won’t be able to provide the necessary help to their patients in case they don’t have access to modern medical equipment. Of course, using the best medical equipment guarantees the best results. This is the reason why many hospitals are replacing their old equipment with new one. In cases like this, hospitals usually donate their old equipment to other medical facilities that still find these pieces of equipment useful. But, there are situations when medical equipment simply stops functioning. After all, they are just devices that have a certain lifespan. Many medical facility managers are wondering what they should do when they have the non-functioning medical equipment.

The only reasonable and correct answer is to rely on medical equipment recycling. Namely, disposal of any kind of medical equipment in a landfill is dangerous and illegal. This equipment should not be left unattended in an open space affected by weather elements because it can create problems to the environment. Storing this non-functioning medical equipment is an option too, but it is definitely a pointless option. So, recycling is the only thing that you can do with this equipment. But, how to recycle non-functioning medical equipment?

Before we go into details, let us mention that many of these devices contain hard drives and media where information is stored. As a result of that, hospitals and other medical facilities must be very careful with this equipment. If it gets to the wrong hands, this data can be abused. In addition, if they are not addressing this issue in the right way, hospitals can get sued because it is their responsibility to get rid of this information. So, data security is crucial in this process.

The most important step in medical equipment recycling is to find a reliable recycling company. In the recent period, there is an increased number of companies offering services like this, but we should point out that they are not equal. In fact, some of them are using this trend just to take advantage of uninformed medical facilities. They take their medical equipment and ship it abroad for profit. A good recycling company is a company that is certified and licensed for an activity like this. They should start and finish the recycling process at their own facilities.

Successful recycling companies that are offering medical equipment recycling services like I Global are taking this process very seriously. They will come to the site where the unwanted, non-functioning equipment is located and load it in their trucks. After that, they will bring the waste to their own site where it is manually and automatically recycled by experienced staff and top-notch machines. Non-functioning medical equipment recycling is not a difficult process, but only when it is conducted by a recycling company with a strong reputation.

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