I Global Asset Management provides Corporate Recycling Solutions

I Global Asset Management provides Corporate Recycling Solutions

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The days when managers and business owners were throwing their waste into the nearest landfills or in other similar places freely are long gone. In the past, it was all about making a profit and in many cases, this approach has hurt the environment. In fact, this damage was so big that authorities (local, state and federal) have decided to take some immediate measures to stop this practice. Today, there are many different laws and regulations that address the process of disposal of corporate waste. There are some corporations that have their own recycling programs, but for most of them, it is much more affordable and convenient to use the services of professional recycling companies. One of these companies that have a strong reputation in California is I Global Asset Management.

We have been present in this business for a long period of time and we are planning on expanding and upgrading our business operations. I Global Asset Management provides corporate recycling solutions that fit the needs of different types of corporations working in a wide range of industries. At I Global, we know that modern businesses are looking for flexible and reliable services and this is exactly what we have in our offer. It is worth mentioning that there are many other companies that provide similar services, but we are one of the rare recycling companies that provide specialized corporate recycling services.

I Global Asset Management is able to lower the amount of waste in your premises with a special recycling program tailored to your requirements and needs. We have a team of experts that are ready to work with your business in order to design and execute a customized recycling program that will eventually enhance operations, help people meet and exceed regulatory requirements, aid their efforts to boost diversion rates and protect the nature. Being a responsible company is always good for you image and I Global is your best option when you are trying to improve your image through responsible disposal of waste.

As one of the leading recyclers in the State of California, we have all the necessary equipment, tools, experience, resources and manpower to deliver exceptional corporate recycling services. To start with, we will first pick up your waste. We will send our experts to evaluate your waste stream requirements and come up with a good program and pickup service. Next, we will send the most suitable vehicles for this activity. After that, we will transport the waste to our facility where we will carefully recycle and prepare all the materials for reuse. The ones that cannot be used again will be processed and stored in the right way. We are not like many other companies that ship the waste they take.

In addition to our corporate recycling services related to ordinary waste like plastic and glass, we also have special electronics recycling services. In other words, I Global Asset Management has a comprehensive corporate recycling offer that cannot be found elsewhere.