I Global’s Global Solutions to IT Asset Disposition

I Global’s Global Solutions to IT Asset Disposition

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In an increasingly digital world engulfed by an increase in information, businesses and governments strive to harness the power of technology to boost productivity, increase earnings, and shore up security. When time comes to dispose of end-of-life IT assets, firms should aspire to these same goals. I Global’s approach to IT Asset Disposition ensures maximum efficiency by leveraging the latest data destruction methods in the industry coupled with the utmost attention to mitigating risk and environmental impact, protecting a business’s security and reputation. NAID security certification guarantee I Gloabls’s compliance with the highest industry standards of transparency and sustainability.

IT Disposition Assures Data Security

Military-grade IT disposition assures data security, a chain-of-custody process assure full transparency and ease of mind, while I Global’s designation as a remarketing expert will allow our experts to determine whether assets can be resold or redeployed within an organization’s workflow to add value to its bottom line.

I Global’s message is simple: To provide the people we serve with excessive attention to detail and care to help organizations operate as efficiently and productively as possible. To play our part in protecting the Planet by responsibly recycling electronic waste and preventing toxic e waste from winding up in landfills domestically and overseas. And finally, to do our work with passion and a commitment to sustained excellence.

This is our blog. This is our voice. We will turn here to engage with you on a myriad of topics from our Global IT Asset Disposition Solutions; including e waste recycling, management, revenue sharing, secure data destruction, and reverse logistics. We will seek to provoke cerebral and innovative thought engagement and continue to keep you up to date on I Global’s journey. All questions and participation are welcomed! Stay tuned!