IT Server recycling saves environment from Hazardous Elements

IT Server recycling saves environment from Hazardous Elements

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Image: I Global Employee Max manageing E-Waste Server

In Information technology (IT), a server is a computer device that allows other programs and devices to work properly. So, these devices are quite important for the proper work of many IT systems. Since Information technology is changing and improving all the time, some of these IT servers are becoming obsolete. Of course, there are situations where existing servers can be upgraded, but sometimes it is necessary to replace the old server with a new one. This is when waste disposal problems occur.

Namely, IT servers are becoming increasingly popular and the old ones are becoming a real disposal challenge. Huge amounts of IT servers are stored in garages, storage areas, attics, closets or even on illegal dumps and landfills once they become useless. This practice leads to many different ecological issues.

That’s why many eco-aware individuals like to say that IT Server recycling saves environment from Hazardous Elements. But, what does this really mean?

In case you didn’t know, IT servers are made of different elements that have proven to be dangerous to the environment. Some of these elements include glass parts packed with lead. The circuit boards found in these servers are quite dangerous too. These elements are loaded with chromium, cadmium, lead and mercury. In some cases, IT servers have batteries and these batteries contain nickel, cadmium and mercury. Let’s be clear, all these elements are perfectly safe when they are used, but they become a huge problem when they are disposed.

If IT servers are left in a landfill or illegal dump, all the elements we have mentioned before will gradually start to enter the soil and air. This means that the level of pollution in this area and the area around the landfill will increase drastically causing a lot of problems to plants, animals and people who live there. On top of that, these elements will finally reach underground water and may contaminate drinking water too.

Another thing that we should mention is that all the potentially hazardous elements can be extracted in a recycling plant and recycled. In this way, they can be prepared as building materials for other products. So, instead of extracting ore and other raw materials, manufacturers will use recycled materials for their new products. In this way, we are preserving the limited natural resources and we are saving energy in the process of production which ultimately means that we protect the nature from pollution.

IT Server recycling saves environment from Hazardous Elements, but it also reduces manufacturing costs and contributes to local economies’ success. There are many recycling companies out there and most of them provide great IT server recycling services. If you want to be sure that the IT server waste you have is treated in the right way, take some time and do some research before you hire a recycling company. The company you will use must have experience and knowledge in this field. It is also a good idea to use a company with a license.