Make a Contribution to a Healthy Environment with IT Recycling

Make a Contribution to a Healthy Environment with IT Recycling

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Used monitors, computers, and other equipment that belongs to the group of Informative Technology or IT equipment, have the potential to pollute our environment in case they are disposed in an unsuitable way. In addition, businesses that don’t follow the strict regulation imposed by the authorities risk severe fines too.

IT waste is a relatively new type of waste that started some 30 years ago, but in the past decade this waste has started to grow rapidly. Experts predict that this type of waste will become the major part of municipal solid waste in the next 10 years. This is not something unusual if we make a quick look at the things that we use today. Each of us owns a computer, smartphone and few other electronic devices. In addition, modern businesses also have dozens of pieces of IT equipment like computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, routers etc.

IT waste comes with many recoverable materials that have a significant value. Most of them include materials like gold, aluminum, silver, copper, ferrous metal and valuable plastics that can be reused. If we want to preserve the limited natural resources and skip the process of their production (which can also be very harmful for our nature) the unwanted or malfunctioning IT equipment should be recycled instead of left in the landfills or stored.

In addition, these items also have some hazardous and toxic materials like lead, mercury, chromium, chemical flame retardants, cadmium and beryllium, which can easily penetrate the soil or water in case they are left untreated on a landfill.

IT recycling has proven to be the best option when it comes to treatment of IT equipment and items in general.  If you are not sure how you can Make a Contribution to a Healthy Environment with IT Recycling you should read more about the advantages of using this activity.

To start with, as previously mentioned, you will protect the limited natural resources of our planet. With the process of IT recycling you will be able to recover most of the materials from the old piece of equipment and these materials can be sued in the process of production of new items. In this way, you will save energy, significantly reduce pollution, decrease the level of green house gas emission and reduce the need for new materials.

IT recycling protects the nature around you. Proper IT recycling of unwanted electronics means complete control of the hazardous materials we have mentioned before.

Those who want to Make a Contribution to a Healthy Environment with IT Recycling should know that this activity also saves landfill space. According to some experts the amount of this type of waste will increase for 200% in the next 3 years. If IT recycling becomes a regular practice, the area that is covered with landfills will be reduced. This area can be used for more valuable purposes and on top of that the pollution will be reduced.

IT recycling is not only good for our environment, but also for the economy because it saves companies’ money and creates new jobs.