Quick Tips for Medical Electronics Recycling for Businesses

Quick Tips for Medical Electronics Recycling for Businesses

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Clinics, hospitals, infirmaries, medical centers and other medical facilities depend on technology. Namely, doctors and medical personnel use sophisticated electronics to treat patients. Every modern medical facility wants to use new technology because these pieces of equipment are more accurate and efficient. There is nothing wrong with this practice, but the question is – what happens to the obsolete electronic equipment when it is swapped for new? Modern medical facilities are using medical electronics recycling in situations like this. If you want to optimize this process, you can find some quick tips for medical electronics recycling for business below.

Follow the 1-2 rule

Sadly, there is a huge amount of medical electronic equipment and devices that end up in local landfills. But, it is interesting that a lot more is stored in basements and spare rooms in healthcare facilities. This means that manufacturers have to rely on mining instead of reusing valuable materials obtained from medical electronic waste. In order to avoid situations like this, follow the 1-2 rule – for every new piece of medical electronic equipment recycle two outdated and obsolete pieces.

Make sure that the data is permanently erased

There are many examples of modern medical electronics that comes with hard drives. These drives contain sensitive personal information about patients. When you want to recycle these items, make sure that the recycling company guarantees permanent deletion.

Create a schedule

If you want to be sure that all the waste you create in your healthcare facility is recycled in a timely manner and you want to avoid any hassles, create a schedule. Mark a day in the week or month when the recycling company should send their men to pick up the waste.

Dig deeper

There are many medical facilities that are not aware of the number of outdated electronics they have because they leave them in areas that are not visited frequently. Check all these spaces and collect the electronic waste. The recycling companies will certainly know what to do with them. It doesn’t really matter how old this electronics is because they can extract the valuable materials from every item.

Make sure that every employee understands the importance of medical electronics recycling

It is not sufficient if only the management of the business is excited about medical electronics recycling. Every employee must understand the advantages and the importance of this specific type of electronics. They will need to learn how to store electronics that is prepared for recycling and separate this waste into different categories too. It would be best if your employees cooperate with the workers from the recycling company you have selected because they can explain them everything.


Without any doubt, medical electronics recycling is great, but there are situations when some pieces of equipment are still working and they should not be left to the recycling company. You can simply donate them to businesses that need them. Remember that you can leave the recycling company to do this for you.