Why it is important to recycle Mobile phones?

Why it is important to recycle Mobile phones?

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There are many people who are wondering whether they should recycle mobile phones. If you are one of these people, you should know that the answer is yes.

For some people, this may be news because they didn’t know that they can recycle used or old mobile phones. In case you are an average tech user, you probably have at least one mobile phone that you’ve stopped using years ago stored in a drawer at home or in the office. You leave them there “just in case” and completely forgot about them until one day while doing spring cleanup you notice them. In situations like this, most people usually throw their mobile phone in the bin without knowing that in this way their device will end up in the local landfill and affect the environment in a negative way.

The good news is that there is a way to get better, more eco-friendly and sometimes profitable solution to get rid of the old mobile phone and it comes in the form of mobile phone recycling. So, why it is important to recycle Mobile phones?

According to some stats there are more than one billion old or used mobile phones in the United States alone and millions of them are discarded each year. Unfortunately, less than 20% of mobile phone users said that they recycle their mobile devices. This is a very bad practice. Just like any other type of electronic or e-waste, mobile phones come with batteries and circuit boards that include dangerous heavy metals including cadmium, mercury and lead. Harmful materials like polyvinyl chloride also known as PVC and BFRs or brominated flame retardants are usually found in the casings made of plastic in most mobile phones. Each of these elements has been associated with different health issues. For instance, exposure to high levels of cadmium can result in kidney and liver damage as well as in bone density and respiratory issues. Some compounds that include cadmium are highly carcinogenic. On the other hand, it was proven that lead exposure can result in developmental problems in kids and limits the cognitive functions in older individuals.

While it is true that many landfills are created in a way that prevents chemical leaks to some extent, the fact is that some of these elements will eventually reach the soil and air. If you choose mobile phone recycling you will avoid all these problems. In other words, you will keep yourself and your family safe from all the effects of these hazardous materials. By doing this we can also reduce the size of landfills and free up this space for something more useful. In addition, some recycling companies offer financial compensation for old mobile phones, so users can actually make profit while saving our planet. Without any doubts, this is the most logical and suitable solution for people who own old and used mobile phones. We hope that this article and these facts will help you understand why it is important to recycle Mobile phones and that you will practice this activity in the future.