Why Use a Certified Recycler?

Why Use a Certified Recycler?

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There are a huge number of individuals, businesses and organizations that have realized how important it is to go green and they are interested in using recycling services. They want to recycle their electronic equipment and devices and other recyclable products. In addition, the authorities are constantly improving the laws and practically forcing individuals and organizations to practice recycling. In any case, the recycling companies are satisfied because the amount of work is increasing. But, it turns out that recycling items is much more than disposing your used or broken items in a recycling plant or letting them gather these things from your site.

Unfortunately, there are many recycling companies that promise one thing and do another. Today, thanks to the fast advance of technology it is very easy to do some research and check the background of any company you want. This is the reason why many experts suggest performing such research and focusing on their certifications. Why Use certified recycler – this is a question that is trending these days and the simple answer is the following – because this is a warranty that the e-waste, medical waste, lab waste or any other waste you are disposing will be managed in a proper way. If you don’t care about this, the consequences can be very negative for your company, for your health and for the environment.

If you don’t do any research you will probably think that your company is fully dedicated to efficient recycling and keeping the nature clean and safe. However, in many cases you will be surprised what is going on with the waste when it is left in the hands of some unprofessional and uncertified company. According to some statistics, about half of the recyclers that seem to be trustworthy deliver e-waste and other types of waste to specific areas in 3rd world countries where people use primitive and dangerous methods to extract the valuable materials found in this waste. During this process they release dangerous substances and pollute the environment and harm their own health.

There are many cases where areas have suffered from different kinds of pollution because of the irresponsible behavior of seemingly professional companies in the developed countries. You’ll be shocked to hear that children, adults and the elderly in developing countries are affected by this waste created abroad.

Additionally, we should not forget that some of these devices that end up as waste contain sensitive information. Even if you format the hard drive of the device in a regular way, this information can be obtained by experienced IT specialists. So, only proper recycling and IT asset management can guarantee that the information is erased, for good.

With the help of a certified recycling company you will be able to avoid all these programs and get a peace of mind. Certified recyclers follow strict rules and regulations for proper recycling and they guarantee the best recycling results for the environment which is the main purpose of recycling.

We hope that this article has answered the trending question – Why Use a certified recycler?