Giving Back to the Community

I Global Asset Management understands the impact a community can have and we are personally dedicated to giving back to our community. Our community does not only include our immediate area or country but a community around the world dedicated to reusing and recycling. We work with doctors and hospitals globally to put medical equipment in their hands that they do not have access to. We also work with our clients to promote safe, responsible recycling not only in the business place but at home as well giving them and their families the knowledge to ensure a better future.

I Global Asset Management can provide event organizational services often free of charge. Recycling collection events can not only be utilized by non-profit organizations but as well as the public. Events like these raise awareness for responsible recycling and directly give back to the community. These recycling events can be sponsored by local schools, businesses, churches, and city agencies.

I Global Asset Management can provide your non-profit organization with the best service possible. We can plan your next recycling event effectively getting the best return your organization. We believe non-profit organizations offer necessary services to those in need and we are dedicated to working with you to give back to the community.