Toshiba Branded Laser Electronic E-Waste Recycling Equipment We Service

I Global Asset Management has many years of experience managing the medical, lab, and commercial  recycling industries. Our asset management services are great for hospitals, labs, and any commercial facility that uses Toshiba branded lasers. We fully manage a variety of laser equipment along with their electronic waste. Our experienced technicians are capable of managing the refurbishment of Toshiba branded lasers.  In some cases, this includes adding parts, accessories, and other equipment as well as repainting and thorough cleaning to increase the value of your asset. Our sale team uses the latest software to analyze current market trends for Toshiba branded equipment to be able to identify real time value of your asset. We advertise Toshiba branded equipment on a global scale utilizing multiple direct routes to reach hospitals labs that currently are looking to purchase the equipment.

I Global Asset Management handles all outgoing electronic waste, items that don’t retain a resale value, for our customers by providing removal and disposal services in accordance to state and federal laws. I Global also offers full data and production destruction services. We have physical destruction options including punching, shredding, and degaussing as well as physical wipe from 3-pass wipe to 7-pass wipe; Department of Defense standards. Our destruction services always include a signed Certificate of Destruction.

If you are looking to dispose of Toshiba branded equipment, contact I Global Asset Management today to inquire about our services or to schedule a convenient pickup.

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