Data Center Equipment Recycling

IGlobal Asset Management is determined to update and create public awareness regarding proper disposal of used stuff that also includes IT networking equipments. Generally people are aware but not to the extent of following it as a necessary rule, to not to throw the sensitive Data Center Equipment. It is just a matter of reality that the whole world has digitalized and now networks, cables, routers and servers are a common phenomenon.

Usually all data center equipments are placed on al large scale in offices, educational institutions and in industries, but to a very minor level for the home use as well. Once this network related equipment is all done and going to be no more for use then you have to dispose of the different parts. You need to call us on our toll free number for free pickup, and we will safely take your used IT equipment to recycling units instead of throwing into large wastelands.

We have a diversified plan for letting our clients to have the convenience of getting rid of that entire old and useless Date Center Equipment in Orange County or Los Angeles, with such an ease. It is not more required to dump the servers, server racks, storage arrays, power distribution units like the cables, routers and switches to an IT waste removal and recycling company that will safeguard your sensitive data, and also plays its vital role in maintaining a fine balance of nature.

Being operational at western coastal areas like Los Angeles, Riverside San Bernardino, San Deigo and Orange County, we have safely removed and recycled thousands of wastes from different units. We have regular clients like local colleges and universities, laboratories, industrial units and individual persons as well. We have a great IT Removal and recycling plan for mainframe computer equipment that also accompanies Panel Boards, Switchgears, Motor Generator Sets, Cables etc.

IGlobal Asset Management is determined to make a contribution to clean environment, and to have a full bright view of what is going to be the right duty of a member of a civilized society. Here you can plan lots of people who can engage things around for good reasons and with many new strategies for playing your role in safe removal of Data Center Equipment. Our trained staff members will pick up everything in a secure way and then we assure you for safe data destruction as a must part of IT recycling process for the greater good of the world!