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E waste recycling with complete security and responsibility to make fresh environment. Determining how to handle the disposal of electronic waste, medical waste and e waste recycling can be a challenging task for any organization. Beyond internal sustainability policies, there are an increasing number of government policies around how and where to recycle electronics, and increased regulations to consider when choosing a vendor for disposal of electronic and medical waste. Beyond the headache of compliance, there is also the increasing concern of toxic waste winding up in domestic and foreign landfills.

The majority of the near 500 million tons of electronic waste produced every year winds up in toxic wastelands, mostly in East Asia and Africa. That is the main reason to e waste recycling because Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Arsenic, and Beryllium wreak havoc on local populations and ecosystems. I Global seeks to eliminate this phenomenon by closing the electronic manufacturing loop. Responsible recycling is not only morally and environmentally paramount, but also more efficient and safe to businesses and organizations that can rest assured of data security and the potential value of resale. Our Zero Landfill Policy guarantees that electronic waste recycled by our company does not contribute to this ongoing problem and is instead dealt with in an eco-friendly and responsible fashion. E waste recycling is not just end up the electronic gadgets but it is smart and economical to recycle and build a human friendly environment.

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I Global removes the complexity and guarantees accountability to ensure that the electronic waste recycling process is done securely and responsibly. Protecting your data, your company’s reputation, and the environment is our priority.

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Working with the i Global team has been a huge asset for our facility. Managing our excess equipment can be trying and time-consuming, so having a great partner like i Global has made the process simple and worry- free. Knowing we have quick access to a company that is willing to work around our often demanding and ever-changing needs offers security and confidence. We are more than satisfied with our decision to work with i Global and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

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