I Global Asset Management

Electronic E-Waste Disposal for Commercial Businesses, Medical and Laboratory Recycling.

Eliminate the hassle of recycling electronic e-waste with our Free pickup service for businesses.


Why use I Global Asset Management for your electronic e-waste recycling?


  • Free – Most businesses in SoCAL will qualify for a free pickup. Get in touch to find out more.


  • Convenient – A quick and easy e-waste pickup is a click or phone call away. All we need is your contact information and we will get in touch with to schedule a pickup. Once we speak with you, we will be at your place of business within 48 hours to pick up your unwanted electronic e-waste.


  • Environmentally responsible – I Global Asset Management is an approved recycler under the Cal-Recycle Program, and partners with several primary processors within the province. All e-waste is recycled in a manner compliant with the DTSC standards of recycling.


Call 800-332-6615 or use the form to request your pickup now.

Note: We can only pick up electronics from businesses. Please do not request a pick up from a residential location.