I Global Asset Management

Electronic E-Waste Disposal for Commercial Businesses, Medical and Laboratory Recycling in Ocotillo, Imperial California

Eliminate the hassle of recycling electronic e-waste with our Free pickup service for businesses in Imperial county.

Why use I Global Asset Management for your electronic e-waste recycling and disposal?

  • Free – Most businesses in Southern California will qualify for a free pickup.
  • Convenient – A quick and easy e-waste pickup is a click or phone call away. All we need is your contact information and we will get in touch with to schedule a pickup. Once we speak with you, we will be at your place of business within 48 hours to pick up your unwanted electronic e-waste.
  • Environmentally responsible – I Global Asset Management is an approved recycler under the Cal-Recycle Program, and partners with several primary processors within the province. All e-waste is recycled in a manner compliant with the DTSC standards of recycling.


Call 800-332-6615 to request your pickup now.

Note: We can only pick up electronics from businesses. Please do not request a pick up from a residential location.

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I Global Asset Management is an e-waste recycling, IT Asset disposition (ITAD) management, and re-marketing service provider. We specialize in Laboratory and Medical equipment but manage all sorts of electronic e-Waste.

We offer complete data destruction, data wipe, product destruction, data degaussing and hard drive sanitization.

We also offer a solution to responsible electronics recycling for any e-waste or assets that are no longer operative or out of commission.

We provide our clients with corporate recycling solutions including free e-waste recycling and free asset pickup services for qualified items.

Our main office headquarters is located in Anaheim, CA, however we service clients and customers nationwide.

Here’s a small list of very common items we refurbish and recycle.

Standard Computers, printers, keyboards, mice, monitors, televisions, radios, servers, phone systems, cell phones, cameras, copiers, scanners, fax machines, and other common office equipment. Medical/Lab Patient Monitors, Infusion pumps, ventilators, regulators, otoscopes, x-ray machines, EKG/ECG modules, endoscopy equipment, probes, surgical tools, surgical tables, surgical lasers, surgical microscopes, exam chairs, ultrasound machines, ultrasound probes, autoclaves, sterilizers, gas chromatographs, HPLC equipment, spectrophotometers, auto-samplers, spectrometers, shakers, stirrers, incubators, water baths, ultrasonic cleaners, centrifuges, particle analyzers, keratometers, tonometers, Fundus cameras, slit lamps, edgers, tinters, ophthalmoscopes, microscopes, lensometers, phoropters and many other medical equipment we accept for recycling.