Secure Hard Drive Data Destruction:

We offer data destruction services and hard drive shredding services because we understand that privacy and security is important to everyone. Personal and classified information is stored on hard drives and even if you data wipe your drive, your information is not safe until your data has gone through complete data destruction. Your disk drive data is disposed of properly and you can be assured that your confidential information will never fall into the wrong hands. When you delete or wipe data from a hard drive, it’s not fully eradicated from the hard drive. Your data can easily be recovered using a number of available data recovery programs. Even if your hard drive is unusable, your data is still recoverable. In order to securely destroy all data, you must utilize physical destruction of hard drives. We work closely with our partners to provide a multitude of services which include:

Hard Drive Sanitation and Magnetic Degaussing

Hard drive sanitization removes sensitive information from storage media in a manner that gives assurance that data is destroyed and cannot be recovered. Hard drive magnetic degaussing is a procedure where the magnetic media is erased by applying a reverse magnetizing field. This ensures complete data destruction by making the previously stored data on the hard drive unreadable.

Hard Drive Shredding

When a hard drive is defective or cannot be repaired for remarketing or reuse, hard drives should be destroyed properly. Hard drive shredding is physical destruction that prevents any possible further use of the hard drive. During hard drive shredding, the hard drive is put into an eight-blade shredding machine that is designed for hard drive shredding. The disk is then shredded into little bits and the rubble is recycled properly.

Electronic Media Destruction

To prevent unauthorized access to data, it is important that the data must be made unreadable when the device on which it resides is disposed of or recycled. If the electronic media device is out of commission or is inoperable and therefore cannot be wiped using software, the disk must be physically destroyed utilizing the same procedure, hard drive shredding and data destruction.

Product Destruction

IGlobal data destruction services are not limited to hard drives. We handle most product destruction for manufacturing facilities, medical facilities, financial firms, government agencies and many more.

Paper/Document Shredding

If you are a company with paper recycling and product destruction service needs, we offer on and off-site paper shredding and document destruction. We maintain strict security procedures that ensure our clients’ materials and data is disposed of accordingly and securely.

Working with NAID member companies, we not only follow the guidelines to provide the safest data destruction services but personally go above and beyond to protect your privacy. Regardless of your data destruction needs, we will provide you with the most optimum plan for disposal while providing excellent care and customer service.