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I Global Asset ManagementiGlobal Asset Management is set to adhere to news standards of waste recycling at West Covina. You can grab us for best Electronic, IT, Laboratory and Medical Recycling Services to contribute for the healthy global environment.

Contact us with a single call @ 800 – 332 – 6615 for Government and Corporate recycling services. You can ask for details about different types of asset disposal and recycling services, and for the “free pickup service” that we are offering in your area.

West Covina Waste Recycling Places

Waste Recycling Places West Covina

iGlobal Asset Management is determined to create awareness about electronic waste recycling, and we are different from others by offers of free pickup services in West Covina. You can call us for individual and industrial asset waste pickup, and delivering it to the best recycling units near your town. Schedule your preferred pickup with our customer services department.

All you need is to call us for quick pickup and safe transport to the best serving recycling units in your area or a nearby town.

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E-waste Recycling Services – Best Company

Electronic Waste Recycling West Covina
iGlobal Asset Management serving you in best manner, to get rid of discarded electronic waste for recycling. We are serving in the different parts on the western part of USA. We are professional electronic waste pickup service providers, and ensure safe recycling services as well. Feel free to call for the best and most affordable electronic waste recycling services in West Covina and rest of places that you can find in a list of our Drop-Off Locations.

Let your perception of e-waste removal and recycling all clear and work with best kinds of things. It is just too good to make you feel that entire special that you are one of the pioneer contributors to safe and healthier environment with a call for recycling services to us!



Laboratory Equipment Recycling – We are Best

Laboratory Equipment Recycling West Covina
We also serve the medical sector with best laboratory equipment recycling services. You can call us for most efficient and secure laboratory waste removal and recycling purposes. We will provide free and secure pickup and disposal at safest recycling units near your town, to let them manufacture some other things of use.

Laboratory equipment is very sensitive and there are waste items that are toxic with contagious viruses. So, our pickup service members will take extra care in serving you at that spot, and to play a vital role in removal of disease spreading used times to best recycling places.



Hard Drive Destruction – Your Privacy is Highly Valued Here

Hard Drive Destruction West Covina

You want to get rid of your old cell phones, Laptops, Desktop Computers, Smart Phones, Tablets, Memory Cards and many other things. So, you are going to call iGlobal Asset Management for not only free and secure pickup but responsible enough to properly go through all hard Drive Destruction, in order to ensure you that your private data is no more detectable.

Hard Drive Destruction is one of the most difficult process that recycling units face in West Covina. But we assure you that we only hire the services of those IT waste recycling units that assure us to go with all data wiped out of your memory cards, hard drives and rest of related gadgets.

IT Recycling Service – Best Done by US

IT Recycling Services West Covina


iGlobal Asset Management has a very clear agenda to safeguard the ‘Mother Nature’ with all its attributes. You can make it happen with the all sorts of West Covina IT equipment disposal and recycling, with a single call to us. We are going to pickup all IT waste for recycling, and to facilitate you with secure Data Destruction that is present on memory cars, mobiles, laptops and rest of gadgets.

IT Recycling is just one of the best deeds that each corporate or government sector’s institute must follow. We assure you that however complex is the networking and cabling at your place, our pickup staff members will unplug everything in a most secure way, and will take it to best recycling places near your hometown.


Our Mission

Mission StatementWe are determined to create awareness about the importance of recycling, and at the same time dedicated to serve you all in different parts of USA. We want you to call us for asset disposal for recycling purposes. We want to convey our message about importance of recycling to the whole world. West Covina Asset Waste Recycling can benefit all of us, and can facilitate the underprivileged people of different regions with new products for use.

We aim to create awareness and to let you feel all too good with the kind of recycling service that you have opted. So many useful things would be easily made out of recycled raw material, and can easily be consumed at places where people are striving for basic necessities.




Asset Waste Disposal and Recycling Process

Waste Disposal and Recycling West CovinaiGlobal Asset Management is vocal for proper asset waste removal and recycling. We offer free asset waste pickup from anywhere we are functional. We also comply with our valuable clients to go for e-waste recycling along with medical recycling or other services to save nature, and to use the waste material for reproduction of useful items. We want to create a public awareness by asking us to pick up all kinds of asset waste materials, and also to dispose that stuff to the recycling units for proper destruction, and to enable these industries for the production of useful daily life items that you might not see in the USA. But these objects are precious for poverty stricken people of main Africa and some parts of Asia as well, and proved by different organization to needy people!