Electronic Waste Disposal Services


Responsible e-Waste disposal

In addition to asset management, I Global is a certified e-waste handler that serves all of Southern California from San Diego to Orange County to Los Angeles. We also serve some parts of Northern California depending on your situation. We have pickup services available that come from Orange County to your location. I Global guarantees responsible and accountable management of all types of e-waste in compliance with all environmental regulations, including international treaties. E-waste is electronic waste or anything that plugs into the wall or is battery operated.

CRT Recycling Fees:

CRT TV's and Computer monitors less than 40" inches: $10 fee per device

CRT TV's and Computer monitors greater than 40" inches: $25 fee per device

E-Waste Responsibility and Electronics Recycling in Anaheim, CA and Long Beach

In the United States, consumer electronics are being disposed of not only when they don’t work, but when they become obsolete. When the latest model of electronic equipment is released, it is common for people to want to upgrade and dispose of their old equipment. Their old phones, laptops, computers all become useless. Many of these electronics become e-waste and are not disposed of properly.

What most consumers don’t know is that there are laws that prohibit throwing electronics away in the trash. This e-waste and electronic waste needs to be recycled. Recycling e-waste is not only following the law, it is protecting the environment. All electronic devices are constructed from hazardous materials which should be kept out of the waste stream upon disposal. Mercury, sulfur, lead and cadmium are just a few of the dangerous components inside of this e-waste. If these electronics are not recycled properly through a electronics recycling company you can trust, it is very likely they will end up in other third world countries where e-waste regulations are not as stringent. Many companies and countries export their e-waste problem by shipping their electronic waste to these countries.

At IGlobal Asset Management, we maintain a “Zero Landfill Policy” which ensures you any assets and electronic waste you recycle through us will not end up in a dumpster and eventually contributing to landfills or shipped overseas to a third world country that doesn’t regulate the recycling of e-waste. As a corporation, we do our personal best to minimize the environmental impact of the electronics recycled through us through multiple processes to ensure safe green recycling. We make sure all hazardous material is removed and sent to facilities that properly dispose of the materials making sure they do not end up in toxic dumps overseas or in our own landfills. Materials that are not hazardous such as metals, plastics and cardboards are either reused directly in house or properly recycled with partner corporations. Maintaining and recycling electronics in a green and safe manner is our priority.