I Global Asset Management has assisted multiple laboratories with asset disposition and recycling services. We have assisted analytical & quality laboratories, research and development (R&D) laboratories, & clinical and medical laboratories. Laboratories find our services most beneficial during equipment upgrades, or when acquiring other laboratories during company mergers. I Global representatives can schedule an onsite visit in order to develop a tailored comprehensive plan to make your experience a pleasant one without disturbing or interfering with your daily routine and operation.


I Global Asset Management takes pride in its ‘Zero Landfill’ policy. I global ensures your laboratory equipment are recycled in compliance with all city, state and federal requirements.

Utilizing I Global’s recycling services will allow you rest assured that your equipment will not end up in landfills or wash up on shore exposing you to legal suits from state and federal organizations.


Why Use Professionals?

Laboratory equipment cannot be simply thrown in a dumpster. This is due to three critical reasons.



-Environmental Responsibility

-HIPAA Compliance


Laboratory equipment can have hazardous materials such as mercury, lead, chlorinated plastics, flame retardants, biological materials that are health risks. These materials need to be disposed of properly and safely. I Global is the reliable source to make sure that your laboratory equipment is properly decontaminated and recycled in accordance with EPA and DTSC regulations and standards. I Global will ensure that your facility will never get penalized for causing an environmental health risk.


The second reason for using professional recycler ties in directly with the first. Aside from preventing our environment to hazardous materials, contributing to our nation’s growing landfills is irresponsible. Corporate responsibility is an important topic and making sure your facility is doing its part shows true altruistic behavior.


Finally, laboratories face a unique challenge when it comes to HIPAA compliance and client confidentiality. Laboratory equipment such as analyzers and colorimeters can store sensitive patient information. I Global Asset management has a 7-pass data wiping process with physical destruction that will protect against sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

I Global will provide you with a certificate of data destruction releasing your facility of any liabilities. Our data destruction is defense and military grade and in standard with NAID (National Association for Information Destruction).


We Are Here for You


We at I Global strive to serve you and our nation by correctly and responsibly disposing your eWaste. We offer free pickup and same day pickups to local facilities. You can schedule an onsite visit with one of our seasoned representatives that can develop a comprehensive plane that ensures a simple and streamlined process. Contact us today!